Buried deep, deep down in the farthest recesses of the imagined World, the GrumbleGroar was struggling to make itself heard.   terrifying yet fantastic, this fire-breathing monster suddenly appeared, sparking the imagination of children and parents alike as to what really does lurk at the Centre of the Earth.

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Galleries of Justice and the Nottingham Caves

There is now a tangible link between my life as a lawyer and my other life as a children's author.

The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law  (NCCL - an educational charity) run both the above major visitor attractions in Nottingham. They have now discovered that the GrumbleGroar lives directly under the Nottingham caves. Over the summer of 2016 visitors were invited into the GrumbleGroar's Lair  see blog here

The GrumbleGroar was my first attempt at writing rhyming stories for children.   I was inspired to write many more rhyming tales, the main object is to make those stories appeal to reader and child. Schools recognise that rhyme, brilliant illustrations (by my collaborator Howard Barton), and a little bit of science inspires fertile imaginations of children and helps improve literacy and reading skills. The GrumbleGroar was chosen as the New Writer’s Children’s Book of the Year in 2012 following votes from school children - available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. £6 plus p&p).Winner of the New Writer’s UK Children’s Book of the Year 201 following a competition and feedback from students across several schools in the East Midlands.  


Having been brave enough to summon the GrumbleGroar from the depths of the Earth to entertain her class, Naomi Burton at Woodthorpe Infants School, Nottingham gave this endorsement:

The Grumblegroar is a rich text with many opportunities for stimulating learners in all areas of the primary curriculum. As a school we used it to engage reluctant boy writers who found the illustrations and rhyming text particularly appealing. The text lends itself to creative, imaginative responses. Our children designed and wrote about their own 'Grumblegroars' and used the illustrations as a base for their own artwork. The text and it's presentation engages and motivates pupils in their learning. I recommend it as an excellent resource to enable exciting, effective learning across the curriculum.

Other Reviews for the GrumbleGroar:

"A great book for children of about 4 to 6. Although it is also adored by my 2 year old because of the animation."

 “I thought this was original, funny and beautifully illustrated. More importantly my 5 & 6 year olds loved it too. I really liked the educational piece at the back- its not often the kids will listen intently to educational material and ask questions. Brilliant!”

The great toy guide

 “The concept of the book is extremely original and engaging, my girls began asking lots of inquisitive questions about what may occur should they go digging at the beach and the story’s great use of language and rhyme really grabbed their attention.  The girls even made comparisons with this book to ‘The Gruffalo’, which is a HUGE compliment considering it is their favourite story ever.  The flip chart design of the book was a nice quirky alternative layout and the illustrations are very good.  You can’t argue with the price either.”

An audio version of the GrumbleGroar is available from the following YOUTUBE link is you dare to access it….

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