SAS Operation Galia won the Impress Prize for New Writers on first publication.

Inspiration to write SAS OPERATION GALIA was close at hand. The book describes my Father’s experiences as an ‘original’ SAS paratrooper dropped behind the lines in Italy during World War Two.  The book won the Impress Prize for New Writers. I have since republished SAS Operation Galia and updated the story to include a Roll call chapter providing biographies of many of my Dad’s comrades thanks to the family members who have been in touch since the first edition. The book is available in paper back or E-book from FASTPRINT

New and signed author copies also available on amazon only from HannBooks option

Operation Galia also became the subject of a Channel 4 TV programme in September 2017 'escaping Hitler - the Freedom Trails' presented by Monty Halls. There is also a book to accompany the series Monty Halls Book

SAS Operation Galia became an internet e-book 'best seller' in 2015/16 reaching number 1 in three Kindle download categories and has been critically acclaimed by several leading military figures including:

General The Lord Guthrie of Craiglebank CCB, LBO, OBE who said:

“Rob Hann has made a valuable contribution to the history of the SAS. The exploits of the regiment and its members in Italy needed recording in detail and he has achieved this aim admirably. This is an important addition to the SAS story”.

Colonel Bob Stewart, DSO, MP for Beckenham reviewed the book as follows:

Robert Hann's book on the SAS war service of his father, Stanley Hann, behind enemy lines in the mountains North of La Spezia in Italy is a fascinating account and an intensely interesting read. What particularly attracted me was the way Rob Hann wrote using what he thought to be his father's own voice. This device gave real authenticity to the account and also gave it tremendous atmosphere. Hann was careful to use the language and words of the 1940's which added to this feeling... All round this book is first-class and contributes hugely to what happened behind enemy lines in Italy. I could not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover and there's not many books that make me do that these days.

SAS Operation Galia is available from FASTPRINT in soft back or e-book format and signed author copies available on amazon only from HannBooks option

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