grumblegroar notts tremorMysterious underground beast 'the GrumbleGroar' rumoured to be nesting beneath the streets of Nottingham

Coming soon...Nottingham City of caves to open new children's visitor attraction over the summer 'the GrumbleGroar's Lair' - but only enter if you dare...

Scientists have long puzzled over the increasing frequency of earthquakes and tremors in the East Midlands (see earthquakes).

The seismic activity deep underground has given rise to speculation about the cause particularly in the City of Nottingham which is built on a honeycomb of sandstone caves.

Now a further mystery has arisen.

During the course of development works, directly beneath Nottingham, mysterious sounds, described (as a cross between a pack of wolf hounds and a wild boar snorting) have been reported, seemingly coming from the depths of the Earth.

Could these unusual sounds and the increase in earthquakes be linked?

Imagine if Nottingham has an, as yet, undiscovered, prehistoric monster living deep beneath the caves complex and which has adapted to live and prosper in this dark, hostile environment?

More is known about the surface of the moon than the Centre of the Earth and what may exist down there, so who can say for certain?

Local Nottingham author Rob Hann has written many books on the existence of such a creature he calls ‘the GrumbleGroar’ and which is described as:

“…a huge terrifying beast, a bit like a cross between a dragon and a dinosaur that lives near the Centre of the Earth and spends its time circulating the Core at the speed of light, powering the movement of the continents above. When GrumbleGroar’s Clash (as happens from time-to-time) the impact is so massive it can be felt all the way up here on the surface triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and similar catastrophes.”

Rob believes the East Midlands and the site beneath the caves may turn out to be a GrumbleGroar ‘nursery’ where the mysterious creatures return periodically to lay eggs and check on their Young.

This may also explain the increase in seismic activity.

Rob’s views have been dismissed as ‘pure fantasy’ until now. An undisclosed source close to the building works states:

“We are beginning to think there may indeed be something down there. We are not sure quite what it is, but certainly we have heard some very strange noises coming from very deep down. We will continue our investigations with great care. If we are indeed sitting on a nest of GrumbleGroar’s we don’t want to be the first to release them from their natural habitat. That would cause panic and chaos!”

Watch this space…..


For further information please contact Niall Browne at Nottingham City of Caves.

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