Newsflash from the mini beast league:

Hot on the heels of  sidney sneed's shock retirement announcement ,  the centipede star of the mini beast Premier League was spotted out on the town with ANtfield's Stevie Bee who also played his last game this weekend. Both players crashed the launch party of sidney's autobiography 'the Legend of Sidney Sneed' at Waterstones, Nottingham on Thursday night (14th May). Sid's agent and manager Rob Hann was explaining to the panel of specially selected dignitaries, that Sidney Sneed was seeking to become the mini beast league's first footballing ambassador to the human league. Sidney Sneed and Stevie Bee chose that moment to turn up worse for wear to thrust the book into the hands of one of the lady panel members singing "Don't you want me baby".


Friends say this behaviour was completely out of character and are worried for the now aging arthropod's wellbeing as he adjusts to life after football and in the wake of his rumoured split with the gorgeous "Posh Moth". 

Fortunately Sid and Stevie's behaviour passed largely unnoticed by the assembled crowd who had turned up to hear the first instalment of Sids memoirs. Whether or not Sid has blown his chances of becoming the first mini beast star to straddle the divide between the two footballing Worlds remains to be seen. He has a lot to offer particularly his home city of Nottingham where of course he has played at Forest and Meadow Lane and with Nottingham being the City of Football, the mini beast league has a lot riding on Sidney Sneed's broad shoulders just at the moment!

if you want to read Sid's autobiography click here "The legend of Sidney Sneed"

John mothson

Your roving reporter with his ear to the ground,

Bee Bee C Mini Beast News.