The trip of a lifetime, we didn’t want it to stop;From Phuket to Phi Phi and then on to Bangkok;

Frantic and crazy and peaceful and calm; Just a taster of Asia, before Vietnam:


From Hanoi to Hai Long from Hai Long to Hanoi; From Hanoi to Hoi An from Hoi An to Dha Nang

From Da Nang to Na Trang; From Na Trang to Saigon; From Saigon to the Mekong; And back to Saigon and onto Chui Chi

So much to do and to hear and to see

We paid our respects to Ho Chi Minh

We had a feeling that he would be in

We kayaked and cruised at Hoian; We cycled and swam at Na Trang

We caught the night train to Da Nang

We cruised along the Mekong and again in Saigon

We balanced on coracles supping juice through a straw

We dined on crab, prawn, snails and much more

We cycloed in Saigon through a tropical storm

We had fun at the water park whooshing through chutes

We sang songs in the park playing guitar with local youths


From Thailand to Vietnam from Bangkok to Hanoi

From Hanoi to Hoi An and on to Ho Chi Minh City

That it all had to end – now that’s such a pity!